Watch the 12 Unusual Couples in a complicated relationship. Love makes even the worst moments of the life so easy to live. They pass with ease. It’s the companionship of each other that gives them the power to fight all the situations. But, there are people also in this evil world who marry with their partner for some personal benefits.

1. Chadil Deffy & Sarinya Kamsook

Chadil Deffy, from Thailand, was devastated when his girlfriend of 10 years Sarinya Kamsook was killed in a car accident. According to Deffy’s friends, he decided to marry Sarinya after her death, in order to right the wrong of denying her while she was alive. The ceremony took place at the same time as Sarinya’s funeral. Deffy placed a ring on her finger and kissed the bride.


1. Jayla Cooper & Jose Griggs

Jayla Cooper of Southlake, Texas, had leukemia.Jose and Jayla met at Children’s Medical Center and quickly formed a strong bond. They were suffering from disease and weren’t having much time to live. So they decided to fulfill their dreams of marriage before dying at a very young age.

Jayla Cooper & Jose Griggs