3. Sal9000 & Nene Anegasaki

The Japanese groom, who goes under the alias Sal9000 went one better than marrying an inanimate object when he wed an imaginary one. He married a computer game character named Nene Anegasaki, from the Nintendo DS virtual dating game Love Plus, in his fantasy wedding in November 2009.

Sal9000 & Nene Anegasaki

4. Sanele Masilela & Helen Shabangu

Sanele Masilela tied the knot with Helen Shabangu, who is already married and a mother of five. Sanele said he married Helen in accordance with the wishes of his dead ancestors, a message his family took so seriously they provided Helen with £500 and paid a further £1,000 for the celebration. Sanele is named after his grandfather, who has never had a white wedding before he died so asked Sanele to get married. He chose Helen because he loves her.