9. Aro Draven & Lia Benninghoff

Aro Draven and Lia Benninghoff share more than most couples because every week they drink each other’s blood. Benninghoff, 20, met Draven, 38, on a dating website this past February and, while both were into the gothic lifestyle, he wanted a more intimate relationship. With a connection like that, it would be silly not to tie the knot so the couple is planning a wedding on Halloween.

Aro Draven & Lia Benninghoff

10. Tyler Ziegel & Renee Ziegel

Tyler Ziegel met an accident in Iraq. His face was burned by a suicide bomber. As soon as he released from the hospital, he and Renee decided to get married. Many people advised Renee to walk away as it was a difficult decision and won’t be a successful marriage. But Renee didn’t listen to anyone and her love for her husband grew even more.

Tyler Ziegel & Renee Ziegel