11. Maria Butzki, Paul & Peter Gruman

Maria Butzki left her husband Paul for another man, she didn’t realise how much she’d miss him. At the same time, she couldn’t imagine living without her new lover Peter Gruman. So when the two men struck up an extraordinary friendship, she came up with the perfect solution and moved Peter into the family.


12. Anastasia Reskoss & Quentin Dehar

Anastasia Reskoss and Quentin Dehar, from France, want to look like dolls.Couple obsessed with Barbie and Ken splash £200,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like the dolls. Anastasia Reskoss, 20, and Quentin Dehar, 23, admit to both being obsessed with the dolls from a young age – and after becoming a couple in 2013, the pair have had more than 15 procedures between them, paid for mainly by their parents.

Anastasia Reskoss & Quentin Dehar