3. Mayra Rosales (1036 pounds)

Mayra Lizbeth Rosales is a Mexican American woman born in 1980. At her heaviest, she weighed 1,036 lb but currently weighs about 154 lb. She was arrested on suspicion of murder her nephew, but medical staff established that the kid died from massive blunt force trauma and Mayra was unable to move her arm at that time. Till date, she is most popular as she lost about 800-pound body weight and attended various health program.

Mayra Rosales

4. Susanne Eman (800 pounds)

The body-weight of Susanne Eman was 800 pounds, but she wants to reach 1,600 pounds. She tried to be world’s number one fattest woman. She lost about half her body weight ahead of her scheduled wedding. After her marriage breaks up, she started to fulfill her dream to be an obese model and regained weight as much as possible. She was recently 600 pounds and she found her new love.

Susanne Eman