5. Charity Pierce (790 pounds)

When Charity was 39 years of age, she was one of the world’s fattest woman. After undergoing a weight-loss surgery that was conducted by Dr. Nowzaradan, she lost 49 pounds from her 790 ponds. With regular exercise of four months, she can able to lose another twenty pounds. She wanted to make it even better and kept working on her diet and lifestyle. After 12 months, she was at 587 pounds. Then she went for another surgery by removing of extra mass from her fatty leg. This surgery would leave her 496 pounds. She was so much self-motivated.

Charity Pierce

6. Teri Smith (700 pounds)

At age 49, Terri Smith set world record – she was the fattest girl with a total of 700 pounds of body weight. She was 252 pounds when she was only 20. She has gained so much of weight that she cannot even move and is totally trapped in her room and because of that she is not even able to go for an M.R.I scan to find out the reasons for her severe headache.

Teri Smith