Food is the most important thing in the world without which the mankind can’t exist. Here are the 10 world’s most expensive foods. Item in listing includes not much expensive but got expensive in auctions and others.

1. Italian White Alba Truffle ($160,406)

Truffles are expensive items, but its Italian white alba version is more expensive.The unmatched price is because its difficult to cultivate. A huge white alba truffle that came in at around 3.33 pound was once sold for over $160,000. A retail investor from Hong Kong and his wife brought home the truffle.


2. Almas Caviar ($25,000)

Caviar is, undeniably, the most luxurious and exclusive food known to mankind. The Almas caviar is an extremely rare food item from Iran. The only store known to stock this item is the Caviar House & Prunier located in Picadilly in London. The store packages the caviar in a tin made of 24 karat gold.