When it comes to the rich and famous, they prefer their pets to be exotic and expensive. For these famous people, an average cat or a cute pooch will not be enough. Check out 9 famous celebrities with their exotic pets.

1. Josephine Baker – Leopard

Josephine Baker was the first person of African descent to become a world-famous entertainer and to star in a major motion picture. It was a silent film named La Sirène des Tropiques. Once a club owner gave her a pet cheetah named Chiquita to use as part of her dance show. Sshe liked Chiquita so much that the cat stayed with her long after the act ended, eventually the cheetah traveled the world with Baker. That wasn’t Baker’s only pet, though. She had a goat named Toutoute and pig named Albert.


2. Tippi Hedren – lion

Tippi Hedren, and her husband, director Noel Marshall, decided to make a film about big cats. An animal trainer suggested they get to know them better by living with a lion, so they ended up taking Neil into their home. But the actress has admits she “deeply regrets” allowing a fully grown lion to roam freely around her family home in the Seventies – including sleeping in daughter Melanie Griffith’s bed. Because Melanie was attacked by Neil when she was 14.