The image of ‘bodybuilding’ to most people out there brings a man with a perfectly chiseled physique, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, flexing his muscles of course back when he was a bit younger. However, in recent times, women have become professional bodybuilders and they have added a lot of beauty to the sport. Here is a list of 10 women who are undoubtedly some of the sexiest around the world.

1. Brooke Holladay

Brooke Holladay is one of the hottest bodybuilders in the United States, born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is all kinds of blonde-haired, blue-eyed, all-American sexy. She competed professionally in the late 2000s and won two competitions. Outside of bodybuilding, she was an accomplished dancer and was briefly a gymnast.


2. Pauline Nordin

Nordin started training at age 17, back in 1999, and started to compete at just age 20. Alongside her work as a fitness model, having been featured in many magazines .Pauline is also the star of “The Butt Bible” a workout video dedicated to getting that butt into shape.