Don Koehler (8 ft 2 in)

Born in Denton, Montana in the United States, Koehler has a twin sister who was of normal height at 5’9″. Don Koehler was 8’2″ tall and was recognized as the tallest man in the world between 1969 and 1981 at the time of this death. He started an abnormal period of growth when he was 10 years old. He did some work for local auto dealer Jim Moran, demonstrating the spaciousness of the Hudson Motor Car Company’s so-called “step down design”. Later in life, he suffered from the medical condition kyphosis, resulting in curvature of the spine. Koehler died in 1981 in Chicago from a reported heart condition.


Vikas Uppal (8 ft 3 in)

Not a lot is known about Indian giant Vikas Uppal’s short life, and his tallest-man claim is a controversial one. Born in the Rohtak district of Haryana in 1986, he was never officially measured by the Guinness World Records. He was thought to be 8 ft 9 in tall, however have been reported otherwise [4] to be an unconfirmed 8 ft 1 in. He could have been considered the world’s tallest living man, but the Guinness Book of Records has strict verification criteria and hence did not measure Vikas. Uppal died on the operating table on June 30, 2007, when doctors tried unsuccessfully to remove a tumor from his brain. He has also acted in a Bollywood movie Rang De Basanti.