Leonid Stadnyk (8 ft 5 in)

Leonid Stepanovych Stadnyk was a Ukrainian man who allegedly stood at 8 feet 5 inches or 2.57 meters tall. He reportedly wore US size 24.5 shoes. Stadnyk’s excessive growth began after brain surgery at the age of 14, after which he developed a pituitary gland tumor that caused the gland to secrete large amounts of growth hormone. This resulted in what doctors describe as acromegalic gigantism. He refused to be measured. Others have questioned the legitimacy of his record, noting that Stadnyk had never been officially measured by Guinness World Records, only by the “Ukrainian Book of Records” that says that he measures 8 ft 5.2 in.


John F. Carroll (8 ft 7.75 in)

Born in 1932 in Buffalo, New York, John Carroll was referred to as the “Buffalo Giant” in medical journals. When he was 16, Carroll’s incredible growth spurt kicked in, and it didn’t stop until his eventual death in 1969. He suffered from severe, 2-dimensional spinal curvature (Kyphoscoliosis) and acromegalic gigantism. At one point he grew nearly seven inches in height in 9 months.