There are thousands of reasons why eating an orange a day is a good idea. A whole orange contains only about 85 calories and has no fat, cholesterol or sodium. And, of course, “oranges are well known for their vitamin C content. Here are the 10 health benefits of orange.


1. Protect against cancer

Oranges are rich in citrus limonoids. Citrus is more than just a fresh, sour flavor used for livening up food and drink. The citrus limonoids common in oranges are proven to help fight a number of varieties of cancer. In tests on animal and human cells, researchers proved citrus could help fight cancers of the mouth, skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon.

2. Prevent kidney diseases

Drinking orange juice regularly prevents kidney diseases and reduces the risk of kidney stones. Oranges are a rich source of citric acid and citrates, which can prevent kidney stone formation. By eating oranges or drinking orange juice, you can greatly avoid the risk of forming stones.


3. Lower cholesterol

Oranges do not contain any cholesterol, but they can lower the levels of cholesterol in your body. The Vitamin C in oranges is the antioxidant in oranges that contributes to neutralizes the free radicals that oxidize cholesterol, which is what makes it stick to the artery walls.

4. Boost heart health

Potassium, an electrolyte mineral, is responsible for helping the heart function well. Oranges are full of potassium, an electrolyte mineral responsible for helping the heart function well. When potassium levels get too low, you may develop an abnormal heart rhythm, known as an arrhythmia.


5. Relieve constipation

Oranges are full of dietary fiber, which stimulates digestive juices and relieves constipation. A high-fiber diet can have many benefits, such as normalizing bowel movements, helping maintain healthy colons, and improving the overall health of the digestive system and the good bacteria in the intestines.

6. Good eye health

For people over 55, mascular degeneration is the most common cause of blindness. Oranges are rich in carotenoid compounds, which are converted to vitamin A and help prevent macular degeneration.


7. Protect skin

Your skin also performs many essential tasks, such as protecting your body from viruses and bacteria as well as UV radiation. The beta-carotene in oranges prevents free radicals that damage skin. So eat lots of oranges to have healthy, clean skin. The antioxidants in oranges also protect the body from skin inflammation and sun damage from UV rays.

8. Boost Immune System

Citrus fruits are filled with Vitamin C, which you need to produce the white blood cells that destroy viruses, bacteria and other foreign invaders. Oranges also contain vitamin A, folate and copper, nutrients that assist Vitamin C in keeping your immune system in tip-top shape.


9. Prevents Ulcers

Stomach ulcers are agonizing sores that form inside your stomach and mess with the digestive process. A study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that people with diets high in Vitamin C were less likely to get ulcers than people who are Vitamin c deficient. An orange contains up to 89% of Vitamin C.

10. Good For Respiratory System

Oranges are loaded with beta-cryptoxanthin, a phytonutrient that may significantly reduce risk of lung cancer. Orange peels are rich in flavonones, powerful antioxidants that help reduce oxidative damage and fight free radicals. Orange peel is also loaded with natural histamine suppressing compounds.