Plain white rice may help stop diarrhea by acting as a binding food and making your stools a bit more solid. Rice may reduce the amount of stools and improve rehydration during diarrhea, and eating cooked green bananas as well as rice may help decrease the amount of stools and stop diarrhea sooner than rice diets alone.



White toast, as well as saltines, are among the simplest foods for your stomach to handle. If you’ve come down with food poisoning because you were being adventurous with the food experiences while traveling, what you can eat depends on location, in most countries, you will have access to carbs.



If you end up taking antibiotics for whatever you have, not only do they kill the bug, but they also wipe out the good bacteria residing in your body. So consume probiotics — a food or dietary supplement that contains live bacteria, which replaces or adds to the beneficial bacteria usually found in the gastrointestinal tract.