Green Tea

Green tea is another popular natural remedy to promote weight loss. Furthermore, green tea is packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, carotenoids, zinc, selenium, chromium, and other trace minerals. You can also combine it with ginger tea or cayenne pepper.



You should definitely find some time to indulge in physical activities like 25-30 minutes or walking or running. If you are unable to hit the gym then try and go for a walk or do some yoga. you can also indulge in your favorite sport such as squash, tennis, badminton, cricket etc.


Drink a lot of water

Water helps in keeping you full for a longer duration which in turn reduces your chances of going overboard with food. Keep yourself well hydrated at all times. Drinking water before meals leads to reduced calorie intake and it also helps to increases the calories you burn.


Eat more vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are extremely healthy weight loss friendly tools. They have low energy density, high in ater, nutrients and fiber. This enables you eat large servings without having to eat too many calories.


Coconut oil

Sitting around eating coconut oil isn’t going to make you lose weight, but using it as a replacement fat can be a good choice. Coconut has medium chain triglycerides calories which are metabolised differently from other types of fat. These types of fats can slightly boost your metabolism.