5. Qatar Airways Business Class

The cabins are spacious, neat and well decorated. Each seat is provided with a huge LCD screen for entertainment purpose. The bathroom is a bit small but still it is perfect. The business class Bar is another eye catching portion of the flight.


4. ANA First Square

First Square provides spacious area and long walking way to breathe freely. There is a place inside the suite to hang clothes. Upon request, the attendants come and make your seat flat and add pillows bedding etc. Passengers can choose whatever they wants from a Full course meal. Passengers receive pyjamas for a comfort sleep and also receive cardigan to avoid cold.


3. Emirates First Class Suites

Assorted foods are must try in this flight. The cabins are really larger than others. The seat turns to a bed with perfect bedding and comfortable pillows. The first class bathroom is like divine. The flight has a separate liquor area which is well furnished with assorted wines and other alcohols.


2. Etihad Diamond First Class

The fare range of first class seat is varied from $600 to $1500 USD. The attendants greet the passengers individually by their names which is a unique way indeed. They welcome passengers with a Belgian chocolate Gift Box. Almost all types of foods are available in the menu. Fist Class passengers receive amenity kits with pyjamas and slippers.


1. Singapore Airlines

You can purchase this most luxurious suite of all for $5500- $23000. The flight has lucrative liquor bar, a quite expensive spa, and amazing privacy. Foods they give are just too good. Inside the suite you will not get bored as the authority has planned a lot of entertainment options for you before you enter to it. A cool amenity kit with lovable toiletries is given to all first class travellers. It will be a wonderful journey for newly married couple.