When it comes to beauty, the women of Arab are amongst the prettiest in the world. Arab women has natural beauty to seduce man all around the world and when we talk about the most beautiful Arab women in world, means arranging them in a list in terms of their beauty, attractiveness, elegance and charm. In this list we bring you Top 10 Most Beautiful Arabian Women celebs.

10. Hoda Fadel

Hoda Fadel is a cute and impressive Arabian lady. She is a model, entrepreneur and broadcaster. In 2008, Fadel covered the celebrity health and beauty beat as one of the hosts of Ghazl El Banat (aka Candy Girls) for Rotana Music TV. Hoda is definitely an attractive lady with countless fans worldwide.


9. Haifa Wehbe

The Lebanese singer and actress Haifa Wehbe is one of most notable singers in Arab World, considered among most successful Lebanese singers. Her studio album includes Farachit Al Waddi, Habibi Ana, Baby Haifa and Malikat Jamal Al Kawn among several singles along with acting career, Haifa received numerous awards throughout her career.


8. Leila Bekhti

Leila Bekhti is a French actress with Arabian descent. She is best known for playing the cute Muslim girl, Zarka in the “Quais de Seine” segment of the film. She has worked both on television and in movies. She is a very impressive and gorgeous lady of the era.


7. Rania Al Abdullah

Rania al-Abdullah, known for her role in education, health, community empowerment, youth and cross-cultural dialogue among other fruitful activities. She has numerous and endless work in above mentioned fields and proved her competency with her skillful work with the collaboration of various teams with respect different grounds.


6. Sofia El Marikh

Sofia El Marikh is a musician and entertainer from Casablanca, Morocco, stands among the most beautiful Arab women in the world following her dazzling and sensational appeal to grab attention. She has sung in different genres including Arabic pop music, Arabic music, and simple pop and Moroccan music.