There are several TV channels which are considered to be the most popular ones worldwide and they broadcast the best shows out there. These top 10 networks remain to be the biggest in terms of value.

10. CNN: $6.1 billion

Cable News Network (CNN) has grown from being the first channel able to provide news coverage 24 hours a day, to having international news counterparts in key cities around the globe. CNN is the most widely distributed television news network, reaching viewers through the television and web as well as mobile streaming.


9. ESPN2: $6.9 billion

ESPN2 is one of the most valuable sports television networks in the world. While it was originally created to cater to younger sports fans during the 1993 launch, it has been rebranded to continue as another mainstream sports channel for its mother company, ESPN.


8. Discovery Channel: $7 billion

Discovery Channel has come a long way from being a single channel entertainment company in 1985 to having 28 entertainments brands showing in over 100 channels across the globe. Some of its brands include the Animal Planet, Discovery Fit and Health, Velocity, Destination America, The Learning Channel, and the Military Channel.


7. MTV: $ 7 billion

MTV was originally conceptualized as an outlet for music videos playing 24 hours a day targeting young adults, way back when it first aired in August 1981. Today, MTV no longer plays just music videos, but a whole other mélange of shows relating to pop culture, including reality shows, and live concert broadcasts including the popular MTV Unplugged.


6. USA Network: $7.7 billion

USA Network grew a long way from its humble beginnings when it first aired in 1971. USA Network is also known to feature regular airings of WWE programs, including Monday Night Raw, A.M. Raw, Tribute to the Troops, and the WWE Hall of Fame.