Many studies have shown that sleeping naked has positive impacts on your health, your mood, your appearance, and can also be beneficial for your relationship with your partner. If you sleep naked, it helps you get to sleep faster as well as can provide much-wanted quality and deep sleep.

1. Healthy Skin

Benefits of sleeping naked12Sleeping naked can help your skin rejuvenate quicker and allow hormones to secrete more freely in your body during the night. Perfect sleep could help your skin to recover and stay healthy, and if sleeping naked helps that happen, even better.

2. Reduces Stress

Benefits-of-sleeping-naked3Stress can suppress the immune system, bring on depression, increase the chances of heart disease and cause weight gain. If we sleep better, it reduces mood swings, stress, and other unpleasant factors. Also,  good night’s sleep contributes to our mood and energy level during the day.

3. Fall Asleep Faster

Benefits-of-sleeping-naked2Your body temperature is one of the key factors to how you fall asleep. When you sleep naked, you’re going to cool down much faster and you can sleep more better. Some studies show that bed covers and clothing disturbed sleep in the young and elderly when they were exposed to heat.

4. Burn Calories

Benefits of sleeping naked11Brown fat burns chemical energy to maintain your body temperature during the night and some studies proved that, brown fat was produced in greater quantities simply by decreasing the body’s temperature during sleep.

5. Better Sex Life

Benefits-of-sleeping-nakedWhile sex can be a great part of your relationship, sleeping in the nude beside your partner may result in you having a healthier sex life than your clothed counterparts. Moreover, it does have some scientific and biological reasons such as skin-to-skin contact releases Oxytocin – the happy hormone – makes us feel content and happy.

6. Prevent Weight Gain

Benefits-of-sleeping-nakedThe fact is that keeping your body colder at night may help boost your calorie-burning abilities. Hence, sleeping naked could help aid in weight loss by getting your body temperature down. Also, exposure to cooler temperatures, around 66°F (19°C), helped our bodies increase brown fat activity.

7. It May Ward Off Disease

Benefits-of-sleeping-nakedSleeping naked could lead you to live a longer, healthier life! As you know, sleep is a super important part of recharging your body to do its whole survival thing. When you sleep in the nude you will get better sleep and this could impact your health.

8. Better Sleep Quality

Benefits of sleeping nakedAccording to studies, you will get good night’s sleep in your bedroom with 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Sleeping without an extra layer of clothing will give you a cooler environment and that helps to keep you healthier. Hence, sleeping naked is one way to stay cool and it also improves your overall sleep quality.

9. Increase Male Fertility

Benefits of sleeping nakedSome studies show that, sleeping in boxer shorts or pajamas could be harmful for sperm production and decrease the chances of having a baby. Also, men’s underwear choice has been proven to affect the quality of sperm and keeping the testicles cool means better sperm quality.

10. Promote Vaginal Health

Benefits of sleeping nakedOne of the important reasons to ditch the underwear or clothing during the night is the prevention of infections. For example, tight-fitting or sweaty underwear can increase your risk of a vaginal yeast infection. So that, sleeping naked is the great way to increase vaginal health and avoid yeast infections.

If you are not comfortable with sleeping nude, take your time and get to it in steps. Begin with removing one piece of clothing until you are completely comfortable and your choice of sheets and covers is also important when sleeping naked.