9. Lonar Sarovar – Maharashtra

Lonar Sarovar is an extremely beautiful place. The place also has an importance of its own as it is the only Hyper-Velocity Crater on the earth. Geological studies have revealed that the lake is more than 52,000 years old. This gorgeous lake is just a 4 hour drive from Aurangabad; the road has quaint villages and paddy fields, up until the Government guest house. The trek to the astronomical marvel is a difficult one, with the path to the lake being slippery; quicksand on the banks making this trek a real precarious one. A land-locked water body which is alkaline and saline at the same time, the Lonar Lake supports micro-organisms rarely found elsewhere on earth.


10. Mysore Palace – Karnataka

The Mysore Palace is one of the chief Mysore tourists attractions and is a living exponent of the Indo Saracenic style of architecture. Mysuru Palace is one of the most magnificent buildings. It is a sight not to be missed when it is illuminated on Sundays and festive occasions. The interior of the Palace is equally worth a visit, for its spacious halls, paintings and architectural beauty. The palatial building is also reputed as the Amba Vilas. It was built after the former wooden palace was destroyed by fire in the year 1897. The three storied building of the palace stretches across a length of 245 feet and 156 feet in breadth. The palace has now been converted into a museum that is a repository of the art and architecture of the Wodeyar dynasty.